Why is the USS Zumwalt, the “world’s most advanced destroyer,” considered a US Navy failure?

The United States spends much of its gross domestic product (GDP) each year to maintain or improve its position as a military power. In the arms race, the US Navy has introduced numerous innovations and investments, Depiction of drones, warships, aircraft carriers or tanks fighting other powers such as Russia, China or North Korea. One of his most recent contributions was the Zumwalt-class destroyer, conceived and viewed as the future of the United States the most advanced ship in the world, although for many it was a huge failure.

The Zumwalt was designed as a a stealth ship meant to mark a before and after in naval historyand was one of the concepts included in the research and development program for new warships SC21. With a length of 182 meters and a width of 24 meters It has a top speed of 30 knots and can carry up to 158 crew members.. It also features AN/SPY-3 multifunction radar and hemispheric volume surveillance radar capable of tracking high-speed aircraft and missiles.

The USS Zumwalt, the United States Navy’s big bet, which despite its high technology doesn’t quite fit inside

40% larger than the Arleigh Burke and its radar cross section was comparable to that of a fishing vessel. Washington puffed his chest and announced this “multipurpose guided missile destroyer with stealth capabilities.”, designed for stealth missions and capable of participating in anti-aircraft duties, attacking surface-level targets and providing naval support. Measures were taken to further reduce the Zumwalt’s visibility by installing a cover that made the ship more difficult to spot.

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“Today, Zumwalt is a technical marvel. In the field, our nation will have a multi-mission destroyer with the stealth and combat prowess to take on the most demanding missions.”, said Captain James A. Kirk, first in command, in a press release highlighting the ship’s qualities. The US Navy claimed that its propulsion system generates 78 megawatts of power, almost as much as a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

Despite its advanced technology and a Despite an investment of approximately $4.4 billion, the overall cost of the program still suffered from numerous cost overruns. An ambitious bet, but one that continued to be big, and which consists in the fact that the Navy has withdrawn its support for the Zumwalt program and has asked that delivery of the ship be halted, as only three of the originally planned 32 ships have been delivered so far. . However, in February the US Navy announced that it plans to conduct a test of hypersonic missiles fired from the destroyer in December 2025. The requirements for the integrated combat system used to launch the Zumwalt-class hypersonic will shed light on how the Navy places and integrates hypersonic weapons into Virginia-class attack submarines, said Capt. Tyson Young of the Program Office for the Zumwalt Integrated Combat System at the American Society of Marine Corps Annual Combat Systems Symposium. Naval Engineers as reported by News.USNI.org.

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