Why is the lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC taking so long?

In the long and drawn-out conflict that flared up at the end of 2020 between Ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), an end is finally in sight. After almost three years of intense legal battle, a final verdict, which could be a turning point in this case, is expected by the end of the third quarter of 2023.

XRP lawsuit continues

Many people wonder when the lawsuit against Ripple and XRP will finally end. On Twitter, members of the online crypto community recently shared their thoughts on the matter. In this article, we explore why this XRP lawsuit is taking so long.

Many people believe that the lengthy lawsuit against Ripple and XRP is the result of a tactic by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that seems to be deliberately stretching time. But why would the SEC do this?

There are several theories about the SEC’s possible motivations. One theory is that the SEC is trying to fade public interest in XRP. The longer the lawsuit lasts, the more likely people are to lose interest, which could lead to a fall in the price and popularity of XRP. This could help the SEC in their efforts to reduce the influence of cryptocurrencies on the traditional financial market.

Another theory suggests that the SEC may need more time to build a strong legal case against Ripple and XRP. By extending the lawsuit, the SEC has more opportunity to collect evidence and strengthen their case.

Is it Ripple slowing things down?

On the other hand, there are also those who believe that the protracted litigation is due to the expectations of the judge. They argue that the judge may hope and believe that both parties will eventually reach a settlement. This outcome would not only save precious court time, but could also provide a clear path for regulation surrounding XRP and similar cryptocurrencies in the future.

In addition, there is another theory that suggests that Ripple itself is extending the lawsuit. This theory states that Ripple is using the extended litigation time to attract more partners to their On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) solution. By getting more partners on board, Ripple could increase the value and use of XRP, despite the ongoing legal battle.

The legal system itself is the problem

There is another reason often cited for the long duration of the XRP litigation: the inherent inertia of the US legal system itself. One view is that it could take up to a year before a final ruling is made in the XRP lawsuit.

Another commenter offers a possible explanation for this expectation. According to this individual, the many delays we are seeing are likely due to the notoriously slow pace of the US justice system. Complex cases, such as the one between the SEC and Ripple, often require extensive investigation, multiple hearings, and detailed legal analysis, which can take considerable time.

So, while many people focus their attention on the strategies of the SEC or Ripple, it is important to remember that the legal system itself also plays an important role in the length of this lawsuit.

The case is taking so long because the justice system has the speed of a sleeping snail.

– Truth GPT


In conclusion, the ongoing litigation between Ripple and the SEC has many facets and causes that contribute to its protracted duration. It is a complex web of strategies, expectations and inherent system slowness. While some believe that the SEC or Ripple are deliberately stalling time for their own benefit, it is equally likely that the pace of the US justice system itself plays a major role in the progress of this case.

The many theories and speculations provide a diverse spectrum of perspectives in the crypto community. While we expect the final verdict in the near future, it remains clear that this lawsuit will have a lasting impact on how cryptocurrencies are regulated.

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