Why is the color of the oceans changing? Amazing revelation

Due to the effects of climate change, the color of the sea has changed from blue to green, the green color of sea water comes from the green pigment chlorophyll present in phytoplankton.

According to the details, the effects of climate change started affecting the oceans after humans, the color of the seas started changing due to climate change.

The report of the World News Agency stated that during the last twenty years, the color of sea water in the world has changed and the water has turned from blue to green.

Scientists at the National Oceanography Center say that climate change could have troubling effects on the oceans. Humans are responsible.

According to the researchers, the deep blue color of the sea is changing to green color with time. This effect is particularly pronounced near the equator.

In one study, the phenomenon of changes in the color of the ocean was examined in depth and a computer model was used to see what the color of the oceans would be if there were no climate change due to human activities.

The results of the model revealed that there has been a clear change in the color of the ocean due to the climate crisis. According to the research, so far color changes have been discovered in more than 56% of the oceans around the world.

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