Home Sports Why is Rafa Nadal not playing the Nitto ATP Finals 2021?

Why is Rafa Nadal not playing the Nitto ATP Finals 2021?

¿Por qué no juega Rafa Nadal las Nitto ATP Finals 2021?

Unfortunately for him and tennis lovers, Injuries have been a constant in Rafa Nadal’s sports career. And that is where the reason for the absence of the Balearic in this edition of the ATP Finals, which take place in Turin for the first time in its history from November 14 to 21. The one from Manacor resigned to the final stretch of the season to recover as best as possible from his left foot injury, the one that has kept him away from the slopes since will renounce to participate in the last edition of the US Open.

“It is a year in which I have missed things that matter to me a lot like Wimbledon, the Olympics, how the United States Open is going to be on time, like many other events that are also important to me, and considering that during this last year I have not had the ability to train and compete in the way that I really like to do it At the end I have come to the conclusion that what I need is some time to recover “, Nadal expressed last August on his social networks when communicating that tough decision.

It is not the first time that Rafa has missed the Masters that ends the season on the men’s circuit. In the seasons 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018, Nadal was forced to resign from this tournament because of different injuries. We hope to see you again on this stage, this time in Turin, next year.

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