Why is Elrond Gold going to kill Ethereum before 2022?

Will Elrond Gold kill Ethereum before 2022?

Is Elrond EGLD becoming one of the most powerful networks in the world? It’s one of the only corners that has scored a new ATH since May. Why is Elrond EGLD increasing in value? Because the team delivers the technology that was promised. When the team is strong and the technology is strong, the price can only go up.

This is what we observe with Elrond. The latest element in its major technological advance, the partnership with Crust to provide the whole world with the future of Cloud Storage.

Is Elrond better than Ethereum?

Is Elrond a better investment than Ethereum?

Find our analysis at the end of the article!

Elrond and the world’s most powerful cloud storage

2,000 petabytes of “Unstoppable IPFS” storage will be available for Elrond NFTs and dApps through Crust’s decentralized storage solutions. Through our collaboration, developers working on the EGLD network will have access to over 2,000 petabytes of storage on over 7,000 IPFS servers around the world.

IPFS InterPlanetary File System is a decentralized cloud storage system that will be able to support the development of dApps and NFTs in a truly blockchain way, unlike what is done today. It is thanks to this type of solution that web 3.0 applications can really be born and develop.

Concrete technological applications of this partnership

3 dApps made possible thanks to the collaboration of Elrond and Crust with IPFS

  • Files – decentralized and encrypted storage space accessible via Maiar, the DEX of the Elrond ecosystem. Users will be able to access their files and documents from anywhere. Cloud storage 3.0
  • Pins – to group and store data for a very long time. This is particularly important for NFTs, which are now stored at AWS, Amazon’s cloud storage.
  • Hosts – for decentralized website hosting, period.

“Elrond technology merges with Crust technology to meet application needs that rely on efficient and highly available end-to-end encrypted data storage“Said Luke Fan, CTO of Crust Network.

For example, if an application needs access to data to function, it will be dependent on where the data is stored. With this systems decentralized cloud storage, a centralized system like AWS will not be able to threaten the functioning of these applications. But in addition, the blockchain Elrond perfectly secures this system from IPFS Crust x Elron.

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The power of this network

Elrond is a new blockchain which optimizes the speed by x1000.

It works with knots – nodes or masternode : those who have a masternode can benefit from transaction fees that go through their nodes. It is a form of stacking doped with steroids, with 36% annual rewards.

Thanks to this, this blockchain can process more than 10,000 transactions per second (TPS), with a latency of 5 seconds and a negligible cost.

It is the future backbone of an Internet economy without controls, without borders and accessible worldwide.

Inviolable and decentralized, this is the strength of the cloud Crust Network. Perfect for web 3.0 development.

It is the DCF – Decentralized Cloud Foundation which financed this project, to develop the Confidentiality and the Ownership of the data.

The data belongs to you, it is not in the hands of AWS. It’s like the private keys of your cryptocurrency. When you have them on your ledger, they belong to you. No one can access it. While on a centralized exchange, they are in the hands of ChengPang Zao (CEO of Binance) or Brian Armstrong (CEO of Coinbase).

Elrond’s token: the egold – Elrond Gold EGLD it is the native token of the Elrond ecosystem. It’s the corner with which one pays to use the applications of Elrond. When this corner was on the Binance Smart Chain, the name was then ERD.

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the Launch in 5 key dates

  • 2019 – Private Testnet
  • 2020 – Launch of Mainnet
  • 2021 – Launch of DEX Maiar
  • 2021 – Launch of dApps and Smart contracts
  • 2022 – Staking phase 4 for holders / Governance vote on the blockchain

Ethereum Vs Elrond

Ethereum and Elrond are similar in many ways. EGLD, like ETH, allows the development of many applications on its blockchain. It is a development space for dApps, smart contracts and many other things. So which of the two is better?

Elrond has 4 advantages over Ethereum that could make EGLD the Ethereum Killer from 2022 until 2030.

  • Elrond is faster and cheaper than Ethereum
  • It’s easier to make money passively with Elrond with PoS
  • The security of the Elrond Network is stronger!
  • The strength of Elrond’s consensus protects him from the forks

It is the performance that defines the price of an asset. Then the price of EGLD will exceed that of ETH between 2022 and 2030, the longest time horizon for cryptocurrencies.

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