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Why does the start of the school year take place on a Thursday?

Why does the start of the school year take place on a Thursday?

From kindergarten to high school, through primary and middle school, more than 12 million students are now returning to school.

But this recovery should be lighter than usual since, from tomorrow evening, the weekend is on its way. In fact, quite unusually, the start of the school year is on a Thursday.

Traditionally, children can enjoy their summer vacation until the end of August. But they return to school in September, as soon as possible. This is how they resumed on Tuesday 1st last year, Monday 2nd in 2019, or even Monday 3rd in 2018.

But this year, September 1 falls on a Wednesday. However, with the four-day week, many schools are closed that day (87% according to the Association of Mayors of France, quoted by Le Parisien). And those, few in number, which are open, are only open in the morning.

Do not postpone the summer holidays too late

The National Education therefore decided to start the school year on September 2, even if it is a Thursday. She could have wanted to wait a bit to start the calendar with a full week, but that would have postponed the start of the school year until Monday 6, starting the month of September a little too much.

Especially since, the later the return to school, the more the summer holidays are delayed the following year. Article L. 521-1 of the Education Code indeed indicates that “the school year comprises at least thirty-six weeks divided into five work periods, of comparable duration, separated by four class vacancies” . By respecting these thirty-six weeks, the Ministry of Education has set the date of the summer holidays for Thursday, July 7 in the evening, a date already well advanced in the summer.

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