Why do they call what we have democracy?

Since the Greeks invented it, democracy has gone through several phases of transformation and recycling until today, but never before has it been so prostituted and used to justify positions and attitudes much more in line with dictatorship, its eternal enemy do have. what with its pluralistic and libertarian image.

The exercise of democracy for today’s citizens exhausts no one, no. It’s about voting every four years for the candidates you have to vote for, i.e. the ones that are forced on you. Because it would be a different matter if you had the opportunity to choose who you wanted to represent.

But not. The first insurmountable obstacle to a “democratic” citizen is therefore his inability to vote freely.

But that’s definitely the end of it, no one will demand anything more from you for four years, and if you struggle a lot with demands, you will be saddled with the burden of the law drafted by the government “elected” so that you not make life difficult for voters.

But let’s analyze the question

A citizen with ambitions to become a civil servant presents himself as a candidate for a responsible position. The candidate “convinces” with his promises and voters elevate him to power, trusting that he will look after their interests. After a certain period of time, usually a very short time, the elected person shows that he has little or no concern for the interests of his voters; in fact, he is very busy looking after the interests of others, i.e. their well-being things were always going well and who live beyond the ecosystems of politicians and their voters.

Then the voters angrily take to the streets to protest, and the already transformed elected, as if he had undergone a strange and rapid metamorphosis, turns against his watchdogs, that is, against the forces that are falsely called order, because they in reality they are They are not interested in the logical order of things, what the protesters want, but smash without thinking, simply obeying the confused voters who only demand that the elected person fulfill what he promised when he asked them , to vote for him. . Strange, right? Yes, a strange way to develop “democracy”.

That means… “You promise me, I vote for you, you don’t keep it, I complain to you, you don’t pay attention to me, I protest, you beat me up, I get screwed.” Long live democracy!

But there is more

Currently, democracy around the world is being used as a method of seizing power by dictators, fascists, interest groups, terrorists and even paranoids, mentally ill people and a whole host of mentally ill people who find it a unique way to legalize democracy that everyone agrees to are to gain power and from there to give free rein to the entire range of frustrations, complexes, manias and deviations of all kinds.

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Furthermore, no one is any more alarmed when in the “mother” of democracies, the United States, a pathologically incompetent person wins elections through blatant cheating and is then elevated to the rank of world savior against the villains. Come on to pee and not leak.

It is very telling that it is precisely those who are in power and hide their true colors who use the word democracy most often and use it most often in their speeches. And by the way, those who prostitute them the most, those who dishonor them the most.

Questions about democracy

If those democratically elected by the people want to remain true to their promises and programs, why do they surround themselves with so much security? Why are they isolated from the people? Why do they use so much violence against people?

There is more. Why does a citizen who wants to dedicate his life to serving others have to become, through politics, an untouchable “god”, with an income much higher than that of the average citizen, with social advantages that put him light years away from them? who he is? should represent?

There is more. Why does an ordinary citizen, once promoted to the seat of power, swell up, become wider, look different, become unattainable, gain weight and generally become stupid?

There is more. If the basis of a democracy is the constitution and the constitution was approved by the Spanish in a referendum, then shouldn’t they, the citizens, decide whether a change makes sense or not? Why do politicians, and only they, claim this power?

There is more. Shouldn’t there be more referendums asking citizens about important issues that affect them?

There is more. Shouldn’t there be a law forcing the elected candidate to fulfill his campaign promises or, if not, be subject to the sanction of the citizens again? Because if the citizen is “obliged” to vote, however well he reminds us, it would be logical that he could demand guarantees for his vote, or…?

Anyway, there’s a lot more to this and we’ll keep going. The democratic system is sick and viruses are the exact same people who are responsible for this system.

But the people, the citizens, have the most powerful weapon in their hands: the vote.

We should think about all of this a little.

By Miguel Coppa. Director FUSION Magazine

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