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Why do birds no longer exist according to some conspiracy theories?

“Birds aren’t real. Translate: The birds aren’t real. It has been a readable slogan on social networks for several years. And this month Elon Musk, who bought the social network from the blue bird, showed his support for this very far-fetched thesis. According to him, birds have not been real “since 1986”.

And he is far from the only one to support this idea. Mobilizations have already been organized in this direction, mainly in the United States moreover. As shown by some pictures with posters or even vehicles displaying this slogan. As a symbol: a striped bird. But where does this theory come from? 20 minutes enlighten you.


According to the theories, the birds were all killed by President Roland Raegan. Since then they would be in the service of the “bourgeois”, the “government” or even the “police”. How could birds be used like this? You may see it coming, the followers of the theory started from the principle of “homing pigeons”. Birds, especially pigeons, were used to convey messages inscribed on letters.

“They have always been at the mercy of the richest humans,” some say. Now, the birds would therefore be fictitious and there only for the purpose of spying on humans. Everything is in place, as Elon Musk showed in his publication. The eye of the birds would ultimately be a camera, a microphone would be placed at the level of its neck, an antenna in the back of the neck, various sensors on the wings. Also a battery would be in the body of the bird and it would be recharged thanks to the legs that allow charging by induction. Other clues for these followers: the initials in English of the word “bird” give Basic Information Recording Drone. Translation: background information recording drone.

If some people seem to really adhere to this idea, others take it up to make fun of the many conspiracy theories, each more eccentric than the other. This was illustrated on October 17, 2022, a demonstration took place in Washington Square Park in New York, bringing together 2,000 people. The demonstrators raised posters “birds aren’t real” and booed the birds facing the procession. The objective was to confront conspirators and social network users with the absurdity of their thinking.

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