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Why didn’t Biden leave 2,500 troops to protect the Kabul government?

Washington: US President Joe Biden is being criticized for not leaving 2,500 troops to protect the Kabul government.

According to details, after US President Joe Biden announced the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan by August 31, the Taliban rapidly took over the provinces of Afghanistan and took control of Kabul, which critics are questioning as to why President Biden Didn’t leave 2,500 troops in Kabul to protect the overthrown government?

According to the French news agency AFP, when Joe Biden took office in January, there were as many troops in Afghanistan as former US President Donald Trump had reduced that number to less than 15,000.

Apparently there were 2,500 troops and 16,000 civilian contractors in Kabul, enough to keep the Afghan government in power after the former US president’s February 29, 2020 agreement to withdraw from the Taliban. Critics say the Taliban did not carry out attacks on US and NATO forces in compliance with the agreement, and not a single US soldier was killed.

‘TTP may reactivate in Pakistan after Taliban in Kabul’

According to critics, this suggests that even a small number of troops could have kept Kabul strong against the Taliban. Republican Senator McConnell says we had 2,500 troops there, instead of withdrawing from Afghanistan, which Biden did to help Afghan forces. Could have added, if we allow the Taliban to dominate Afghanistan and Al Qaeda returns, it will have an impact on the global jihadist movement.

Military historian Max Booth wrote in the Washington Post that if the United States had released 2,500 troops and provided air support to Afghan troops, the balance would have been maintained, the Taliban would have advanced only in remote areas, and government functioning would have been maintained.


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