The news of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh getting divorced had made many headlines. Saif and Amrita got married in the year 1991. Although Amrita Singh was the famous actress in the industry at the time of the marriage, Saif Ali Khan did not even debut in movies at that time. Not only this, there was another reason why Saif and Amrita’s marriage came into the discussion, in fact, Saif was 12 years younger than Amrita.

However, from this marriage two children were born, Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan, to Saif and Amrita. However, shortly after the marriage, news of the ongoing breakup between Saif and Amrita began to surface.

The result was that Saif and Amrita separated after 13 years of marriage. After separating from Amrita Singh, Saif married actress Kareena Kapoor in the year 2012. According to media reports, during the filming of the movie ‘Tashan ’08, the closeness between Kareena and Saif grew and they got married after dating for a few years.

From this marriage two sons, Taimur Ali Khan and Jahangir Ali Khan, were born to Saif and Kareena. However, there was always a question on people’s minds: why didn’t Amrita remarry like Saif? According to the news, after the divorce, custody of the children remained with Amrita, in such a situation the actress did not remarry for the sake of proper and good upbringing of children.


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