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Why did the CEO fire 90% of the employees? There was an uproar on social media

Bengaluru: The decision by the CEO of a private company in India to fire 90% of employees due to a chatbot is being strongly condemned.

According to details, the CEO of a private company in Bengaluru is being criticized and condemned for his decision to fire 90% of the customer care staff and employ a chatbot.

At a time when the world is on the cusp of Artificial Intelligence (AI) craze and more and more companies are rapidly getting involved in Artificial Intelligence technology, the founder of a Bengaluru-based company is also taking advantage of this cutting-edge technology. decided to fire his employees while trying to

Sumeet Shah, founder and CEO of Bengaluru-based e-commerce firm ‘Dakan’, has been facing the ire of social media users for a recent Twitter post in which he announced that his company has closed its 90 100 percent of customer care staff have been replaced by artificial intelligence chatbots.


After the post went viral on social media, users criticized the CEO of the company for taking such a drastic decision, saying that the move had a negative impact on the lives of many employees. will have.

The CEO tweeted in response justifying his decision and said the challenging move was made to drive more profits, stressing that the move had reduced work hours and costs associated with customer support. There has also been a reduction of 85%.

What did the CEO say about compensating the fired employees?

When asked by a Twitter user about the relief provided to the sacked staff, Sumeet Shah said that as expected ‘someone’ would be offended by ‘someone else’, so I have this. The answer was ready, the CEO said I’m ready to help, I’ll post it on LinkedIn then see my friends, people here on Twitter. "”Profit”. "No sympathy.

But social media users were not satisfied with the CEO’s explanation and decision, one of the Twitter users who responded to the CEO’s tweet criticized the CEO’s decision saying that you have fired 90 of your support team. Hundreds of people’s lives have been put at stake and you are happy about it. You’ve probably also ruined your customer support.

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