In the year 2009, director Vishal Bhardwaj’s film titled Kaminey was released, in this film Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra played the lead role. Shahid and Priyanka’s love stories began to become famous during the filming. Both houses were close. Apart from this, Priyanka and Shahid were also seen together at many parties. So much evidence was enough for those who spoke of the romance of both.

Meanwhile, one day the Income Tax department raided Priyanka Chopra’s house at 7:30 am. According to media reports, Priyanka was alone in her house at the time. She got scared when she saw the income tax people. At that time, Priyanka called Shahid for help. Shahid also reached PC’s house in a hurry without changing his sleeping suit.

The income tax raid on Priyanka Chopra’s home was a huge deal for the media. Within an hour, this news spread throughout the country, but what action the Income Tax Department took, what they took from Priyanka’s house, how much money was received from there, how much jewelry was received, this did not matter much. . , but the feeling was spread by the fact that Shahid Kapoor was making out early in the morning at Priyanka Chopra’s house, that too in an evening gown. However, both Priyanka and Shahid kept quiet about it.

However, now both have moved on in their lives. While Shahid Kapoor is married to Mira Rajput, Priyanka Chopra had a grand wedding with Nick Jonas in 2018. The wedding of these two stars also made headlines. The reason behind this was that Shahid married a normal girl. At the same time, Priyanka Chopra took seven rounds with a foreign artist.


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