Why did Russia threaten ‘Western journalists’?

Moscow: Russia has warned Google’s video-sharing website YouTube.

According to media reports, the Russian Foreign Ministry warned during a weekly briefing that if YouTube or Google blocked access to the press briefings of our female spokespersons, Western correspondents would be expelled from Russia.

Spokeswoman Maria Zakhorova said that this included the issue of military intervention in Ukraine, and that the Foreign Ministry had warned YouTube against blocking the contents of her briefing.

The Russian news agency Tass quoted a spokesman as saying that if you blocked our second briefing, a journalist or an American media outlet would be sent home.

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The statement from Russia’s Foreign Ministry came just days after the Russian parliament passed a bill stating that if a Western country adopts a “unfriendly” attitude towards the Russian media, The prosecution will then have the power to prosecute foreign media outlets in Moscow.

Without elaborating, however, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said that Russia was considering measures against some English-language media outlets, whose foreign governments had taken unfriendly action against Russian news outlets.

In March, President Vladimir Putin signed into law a law that could carry a sentence of up to 15 years in prison for deliberately spreading “fake” news against the military, prompting Western media to extradite several of its journalists from Russia. However, other Western agencies, including Reuters, are present in Russia and send news from there.

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