Why did Randy Arozarena only get 30 seconds on his last attempt at the Home Run Derby?

In a very tight final in the MLB Home Run Derby in which the Dominican player from the Toronto Blue Jays Vladimir Guerrero Jr. prevailed over the Mexican Cuban Randy Arozarena from the Tampa Bay Rays.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. managed to connect 25 home runs In his last attempt, it should be noted that the Dominican had a one-minute bonus to seal a brilliant performance.

For his part, Randy Arozarena with his last breath managed to connect 23 home runs, but only received a 30-second bonus in the end that ended up being the difference.

Why did Randy Arozarena only receive a 30-second bonus on his last attempt at bat?

Each player had three minutes to hit as many Home Runs as possible, with a pause time of 30 seconds.

Each batter was entitled to an extra 30 seconds if they connected two or more home runs from more than 440 feet away, and could even go up to 60 seconds if the hit exceeded 475.

In this way, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. got his first Home Run Derby title.

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