Why did Ileana D’Cruz call herself an “ugly mother”? Do you know what phase the actress is going through

Actress Ileana D’Cruz, who works in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films, has been staying away from films for a long time. She became a mother to a son on August 1, 2023 and is currently enjoying her motherhood. Ileana shared some such things in her recent post that worried fans. The actress has made some revelations about her post-mortem depression and how her life has changed since then.

Ileana D’Cruz shared a simple picture on her Instagram in which she looked quite sad. In it she wrote a long post and talked about the changes in her life after becoming a mother and how she is doing now.

Ileana D’Cruz shared a picture with a long post written in the caption. The actress shared that she doesn’t have time for herself and what situation she is going through in her life. Ileana’s post reads: “Hello…I haven’t taken a photo of myself or posted anything since then.” It’s been a long time since I don’t have time for myself between motherhood and housekeeping.

Ileana further wrote: “I often live in pajamas and to keep my hair away from my dwarf’s delicate hands I become a dirty, ugly mother.” So the idea of ​​pouting for selfies doesn’t really cross my mind. The truth is that some days were really hard. Sleep is not complete. I try not to complain because my sweet child is the most important thing to me. But we don’t talk openly about postnatal depression. This is true and in some ways gives a completely different feeling.

In this post, Ileana also shared what she does to get out of these problems. She works out for 30 minutes every day, showers for 5 minutes, and then eats and drinks healthy things to keep her diet perfect. The actress shared that now that she is taking time for herself, she feels happy from within.

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