Why did Ashish Vidyarti divorce his first wife Peelu? The actor told the reason after the second marriage.

Bollywood actor Ashish Vidyarthi is making headlines for his second marriage. He is married to Rupali Barua. The wedding photos of both are going fiercely viral on social media. Meanwhile, Ashish Vidyarti has been open about divorcing his first wife, Piloo Vidyarthi. The actor said that he had divorced his first wife by mutual agreement.

Ashish Vidyarti has posted a video of himself on his Instagram account in which he says: ‘We all have different lives. We all have different needs. We all lead our lives differently in different ways, but one thing is common. We all want to live happily. Peelu (Rajoshi) came into my life 22 years ago. We formed a very good friendship and walked together as husband and wife. During this beautiful beautiful meaning it happened. He grew up, went to college, and now he’s working.

The actor further said, “During this wonderful journey of 22 years, we found out about two and a half to two years ago that we look to the future.” There is some difference in that. Peelu and me Both of us are justified in trying to somehow eliminate those differences. We think we can eliminate the differences, but then we will start dominating each other.

‘We finally found out how we’ve happily spent 22 years. May this happiness be far from us in the life to come. We will be together but we will be sad. None of us wanted this. We think we don’t want to lead such a life.

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Ashish Vidyarthi said: ‘We decided that we would go our separate ways. We said that we will handle this matter with grace and dignity. What happens is that when two people break up, there is resentment and then there is noise. We both decided that we won’t do anything like this. We sit and talk together. We talked to our son Arth and our close friends and then we took the next step. We both parted ways. It is very important that life be one in which we can live happily. Not for anyone but me.

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