Why Dharmendra had distanced himself from Meena Kumari after becoming a star

Dharmendra had distanced herself from Meena Kumari after she became a star: Meena Kumari, the tragedy queen of Hindi cinema, has made more than one successful film in her career. Apart from being a great actress, Meena Kumari was also a good poet and singer. She also received the Filmfare Award for Best Actress 4 times for her performance. At the same time, as much as Meena Kumari made a name for herself in her career, she used to make headlines in her personal life. There was a time when his name was also in many discussions with Dharmendra.

Everyone knows that Meena Kumari was a very beautiful actress of her time, in whose beauty millions of fans and many movie stars were also fascinated. By the way, Meena Kumari continued to suffocate all her life due to loneliness and infidelity. But his name was associated with many stars, one of which was Dharmendra. Today, although he is the Heiman of the Indian Hindu world, this journey was not so easy for him. According to media reports, in the early stages of Dharmendra’s career, Meena Kumari had also recommended him to many producers and directors.

The film ‘Phool Aur Patthar’, which was Dharmendra and Meena Kumari’s first film in the year 1966, was one of the biggest hits of the time. In this way, Meena Kumari got Dharmendra many movies. From here, news began to fly about their relationship. According to media reports, Meena Kumari was very positive about Dharmendra. But when Dharmendra began to find success, he distanced himself from Meena Kumari. At the same time, years later in an interview when Dharmendra was asked ‘Was Meena Kumari your first love? So to this he replied that, ‘No love, I was his fan’.

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