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Why Dharmendra Banned Daughters From Wearing Sleeveless Tops And Shorts At Home

Did you know that Dharam Paji, who they call the Heman of Bollywood, didn’t want his daughters to work on movies? Yes it’s correct. Today we tell you about an old chat program in which Esha Deol told what father Dharmendra thinks about his Bollywood debut. Actually, Esha Deol had come to the famous Simi Grewal show ‘Randavu with Simi Grewal’ with her mother Hema Malini, at the time Isha was about 17 years old. Simi Grewal, the host of this chat show, asked Isha what her plan is regarding her Bollywood debut. In response to this question, Isha said, “I am interested, but it will all depend on my father’s wish.” Explaining this in more detail, Hema Malini had told him that she had once spoken to Dharmendra herself about Isha’s desire to work in movies, but he flatly refused. Hema had further said that since Isha was born, Dharmendra had said to let the girls learn to dance, but that she would not appear in movies. In this chat show, Isha had further said that she would gradually try to convince her father. Dharmendra had banned the wearing of sleeveless tops and shorts for daughters in the house, do you know why?
On this chat show, Isha had also said, ‘It’s not that Dad gets mad after hearing this, but that he cares a lot about me and Ahana, he has a Punjabi mentality and wants the girls to stay home, not even We are allowed to leave the house from time to time, but Mom is with us, so we can leave the house to play sports and other things. ‘ According to Isha, Father Dharmendra didn’t even like to wear sleeveless tops and shorts, so he often wore salwar kameez at home.


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