The latest update from Cardano (ADA)the Vasil hard fork is again experiencing delays. The update was actually planned for last month, but was then by some small bugs moved up. Now more than a month later, the Vasil hard fork has been postponed again. Teams that support Cardano’s developments need more time to ensure a smooth transition.

This notice was announced on YouTube by Input Output Global (IOG). IOG technical manager Kevin Hammond assures that the Cardano Vasil hard fork will be postponed one more time. According to Hammond, this is necessary to ensure that all parties are ready:


“Obviously, from where we are now, it could be a few more weeks before we get to the final Vasil hard fork. These weeks are incredibly important. All users must be ready to implement the hard fork to ensure a smooth process.”

IOG has been busy with certain testnet issues. The new version of the Cardano network should solve these problems. Hammond added the following:

“The aim is for it to wipe out all the last issues as we go to the Vasil hard fork. What we’re doing is testing the authority, doing it right and certainly not rushing it.”


Cardano Vasil hard fork

Cardano Vasil hard fork is the biggest and most anticipated update since September last year. A number of points that are central to this update are the scalability of the network, optimizing the ledger and improving their smart contract script.

For the latter, the developers will make further improvements to Plutus implement, an advanced smart contract programming language. Many of the areas for improvement have been identified and developed with the help of a wider developer community.

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