MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin has called the military operation in Ukraine a “wise decision” and said that Ukraine was planning a large-scale attack.

According to foreign media reports, Vladimir Putin, speaking at a Victory Day parade in Moscow’s Red Square, spoke openly about the causes of the Ukraine war and said that the purpose of the operation in Ukraine was to take precautionary measures against an anti-Russian aggression. Was

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine of planning a large-scale attack. There were regular shipments, all of which posed a threat to Russia.


Addressing the Victory Day parade, Putin revealed that in Donbass we were fully prepared to invade our historic lands, including Crimea, and that we did not want to repeat the mistakes of the Soviet leadership of 1940.

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The Russian president pointed out that the Soviet Union did not try to provoke Nazi Germany by avoiding or postponing the most immediate and explicit preparations it had to make in order to defend itself from an impending attack, resulting in a loss of national defense moment. It happened and the Soviet Union was attacked by the German army while the country was not ready to face the attack.


“Trying to appease Germany before World War II was a mistake that our people had to pay a heavy price for. We will not make this mistake a second time, we have no right to do so,” he added.