Home Sports Why are NBA games played at Christmas?

Why are NBA games played at Christmas?

Why are NBA games played at Christmas?

For 15 years, the nba has a five-game card during the Christmas. This season the matches will be Philadelphia 76ers vs. New York knicksThe Angels lakers vs. Dallas MavericksMilwaukee bucks vs. Boston CelticsMemphis grizzlies vs. Golden State warriors and phoenix suns vs Denver Nuggets.

The first match of the nba at christmas happened in the campaign 1947-48, when the Providence Steamrollers visited the Knicks. On the same day, the Chicago Stags and the Baltimore Bullets met at the Baltimore Coliseum and the Washington Capitols did the same with the St. Louis Bombers.

Since then the NBA has established the tradition of playing on December 25 and previous season champions have been a must-player since 1995.

The Knicks are the team that has played the most times at Christmas with 54 appearances and this year they will add 55. In a matter of individual appearances, LeBron James will be the leader when he faces Luka Doncic. The four-time NBA champion will surpass Kobe Bryant with his 17th appearance.

During the 1998/99 campaign there were no games on December 25 due to a strike by the players in search of a better collective labor agreement caused the first half of the season to be canceled and this began on February 5, 1999.

Due to the stoppage of activities in 2011-12, the nba season started at christmas with a card seasoned with the repetition of the NBA Finals of the previous year between the Miami Heat and the Mavericks. Those of LeBron James, Dywane Wade and Chris Bosh dented Dirk Nowitzki’s crown.

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Although NBA games on December 25 are a 75-year-old tradition, there are two teams that have yet to play on that date. The Grizzlies will play for the first time on Christmas. Besides them, the Charlotte Hornets are the only teams that have never played on that special day.

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