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Why 91% of people lose money trading crypto

Why 91% of people lose money trading crypto

Hi everyone, we at DoopieCash have released a new video in which we try to answer a burning question: “Why do 91% of people lose money in the financial markets?” This question worries many of you and in this video we go deep into matter.

The complexity of trading

We all tend to make trading financial instruments more complicated than it needs to be. Whether it is about taxes, running your own business or trading; The more complicated it seems, the more money we think we can make. But, is this really the truth?

Concentrate on the essentials

In the video we explain that trading is basically very simple. It only gets complicated when you add all sorts of unnecessary elements. We extrapolate the learning curve and show where the risk of losing track is highest.

We emphasize the importance of a simple strategy based on entry, stop loss And take profit Points. By keeping it simple, you can achieve optimal results. To illustrate, we also show various ratios and examples.

Learn to trade bitcoin with DoopieCash

DoopieCash offers a wide range of options for anyone wanting to learn how to trade. For true beginners, there is the free crypto trading course. This course is specially designed to help beginners and introduce them to the world of cryptocurrencies.

For those who already have experience or want to learn more, DoopieCash Trading offers tutorials. These programs are not basic or complete courses with many unnecessary topics, but two easy-to-understand and self-designed trading systems. So the guys at DoopieCash have something for everyone!

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