Whose will Kabul be? What will happen soon? Terrifying revelations from US intelligence agencies

Washington: A report by US intelligence agencies on Afghanistan has come to light that has made important revelations in the context of the current situation.

According to the details, the US intelligence agencies report said that communication with the Afghan capital Kabul could be cut off in 30 to 60 days, Kabul could soon fall into the hands of extremists, and the fall of the Afghan government could damage the American diplomatic presence.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby declined to comment on the intelligence report, saying “we are reviewing the current situation in Afghanistan and our focus is to provide assistance to Afghan forces.”

He said that in order to complete the orderly and safe withdrawal of his troops from Afghanistan, he worked hard to enhance the capabilities and capabilities of the Afghan forces.

Will US and foreign forces return to Afghanistan? President Biden’s big decision

John Kirby took an unequivocal position that the president had said that the Afghans themselves should now have the capability and capability, without improving the capability and capacity of the Afghan forces in 20 years.

A Pentagon spokesman added that Afghan leaders needed to address political and military issues themselves, and that the United States was considering reducing its diplomatic presence in Afghanistan.

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