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Who will replace Bumrah in the game against Nepal? One of those two players gets a chance

 Who will replace Bumrah in the game against Nepal?  One of those two players gets a chance

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Jasper Bumrah

The Asia Cup match between India and Pakistan was canceled due to rain. Team India scored 266 runs at the first batting, but due to heavy rain, the Pakistani team could not line up to bat. Today (September 4th) the match between India and Nepal will be played. But before this game, India’s star speed bowler Jasprit Bumrah has returned to India for personal reasons. Bumrah didn’t get a chance to bowl against Pakistan but scored 16 runs while batting. Two players are strong candidates in Team India to replace Bumrah against Nepal, but only one player will get a chance in the starting XI.

1. Mohammed Shami

In the game against Pakistan, captain Rohit Sharma gave Mohammed Shami and the famous Krishna no chance in the starting XI. Now these two players are great candidates to replace Jasprit Bumrah. Lately, Shami has spearheaded the Indian pace attack in Bumrah’s absence. Shami has won many games for Team India alone. He made his ODI debut for India in 2013. Since then he has remained a vital link in Team India’s fast bowling attack. He has recorded 162 wickets in 90 ODIs for India with his best performance being 5 wickets for 69 runs. He has a lot of experience that can be useful for Team India. He has pulled Team India out of difficult situations in the past as well.

2. Famous Krishna

The famous Krishna was sidelined from Team India for a long time due to injury, but then returned fit and won everyone’s hearts with his brilliant bowling. Krishna has an economy of 5.32 in ODI cricket and has proven to be very frugal. His last ODI for Team India was in August 2022. To date he has won 25 wickets in 14 ODIs for Team India.

This work must be done to achieve Super 4

Team India received a point due to the cancellation of the match against Pakistan. Now India must win against Nepal to reach the Super 4. If the game against Nepal is also not played due to rain, Team India and Nepal will each receive a point, which means that India can easily qualify for Super 4.

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