Marcelo Pecci was a member of the Paragya Specialized Unit for the Fight against Organized Crime and Drug Trafficking. FHe was attacked by gunmen who came to the Caribbean beach of Barú on two jet skis and shot him while he was with his wife. the journalist Claudia Aguilera. The government of Mario Abdo Benítez pointed out that the prosecutor was the center of the target of the attack due to the multiple anti-drug investigations that he led.

“Two men arrived, approached, shot him and left; a guard wanted to approach but they also shot the guard”, recounted Aguilera, who also said that Pecci had not received threats. Shortly before the murder of the Paraguayan prosecutor, the couple had shared on social networks that they were expecting a baby. Aguilera also said that Pecci had received no threats.

Hypotheses about the crime

The experts revealed that the central hypothesis is that “the assassination was due to his function” for the cases he was investigating in his native country. Meanwhile, this Wednesday the Minister of the Interior of Paraguay, Federico González, shared that analysis. “We understand that it was the objective, but various alternatives and courses of action are being analyzed,” assured in a press conference.

Gonzalez Nor did he rule out the possibility that the prosecutor, one of the most important in the country, had been followed from Paraguay or that the Gulf Clan was behind the attack, whose maximum leader, Dairo Antonio Úsuga, was recently extradited to the United States.“All these possibilities are being investigated at this time both in Colombia and here in Paraguay,” he explained.

“We are doing everything in our power and we are not going to spare any effort to reach those who perpetrated this act, both perpetrators and masterminds,” the minister stressed. Asked about the repatriation of the official’s body, he explained that the paperwork and steps are being taken to carry out this process “as soon as possible.”

Earlier, the Colombian public ministry released an image of one of the alleged hitmen. For his part, the director of the Colombian National Police, Jorge Vargas, said that they were not aware that Pecci was in the country to explain why the Paraguayan prosecutor did not have custody despite the fact that in Asunción he is one of the most protected people. . The State Attorney General’s Office and the Paraguayan National Police have already appointed prosecutors Alicia Sapriza and Manuel Doldán at the head of a delegation that will travel to Colombia to work with local specialists.

Vargas affirmed that up to now they have not made any arrests and that they are “interviewing multiple people who were at the scene of the events.” what happened”, stressed the police officer.

The cases of prosecutor Pecci

Pecci, 45, participated in two of the investigations with the greatest media impact in Paraguay: the investigation called “Py at all costs” that in February alone it carried out 100 raids, more than 40 arrests and some 100 million dollars in assets seized as a result of cocaine trafficking to Europe; and another for crimes attributed to drug trafficking during a musical recital in January in San Bernardinonear Asuncion.

The president of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benítez, condemned the murder and extended his condolences to the relatives of the official.”The cowardly murder of prosecutor Marcelo Pecci in Colombia mourns the entire Paraguayan nation; We condemn this tragic event in the strongest terms and redouble our commitment to fight against organized crime,” tweeted the president, who said he had spoken with his counterpart Iván Duque, who also referred to the event on Twitter and said that he had agreed with his Paraguayan counterpart. “all the cooperation to find those responsible.”

the capital newspaper Time, revealed that the authorities requested the passenger list of the May 5 Copa airline flight in which Pecci and his wife arrived, suspecting that they followed him from Asunción.


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