WHO sees premature consideration of a specific vaccine against omicron variant

Experts around the world are reviewing the current composition of anticovid vaccines, although it is still too early to determine whether it will be necessary to develop a new one against the omicron variant, an expert from the World Health Organization (WHO) highlighted today.

“We have the experience of the flu vaccine and we have created a working group in coordination with the pharmaceutical sector to determine if a specific vaccine against the new variant is necessary, but it is still too early,” the epidemiologist highlighted at a press conference. from WHO Abdi Mahamud.

The expert added that omicron’s high transmissibility will cause it to become the dominant variant in many parts of the world, which represents a danger for those countries that still have large population groups unvaccinated.

Before thinking about booster vaccines (some countries already consider a fourth dose) "access to vaccines needs to be guaranteed in overcrowded countries with lower-middle income levels", he claimed.

Mutations of the virus "They occur in unvaccinated people, therefore tackling this problem is an imperative need to stop this disease, ā€¯Mahamud stressed.


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