Who saved Trump from impeachment after the attack on Congress? Disclosure

Washington: In a book recently published in America, this sensational revelation has come out that after the attack on Congress, Trump was saved from impeachment by none other than Nancy Pelosi.

During the administration of former US President Donald Trump, Speaker Nancy Pelosi was one of his biggest critics, and every time she was active in bringing an impeachment motion against him, Trump made her history. He was declared as the worst speaker.

However, now the forthcoming book on Trump’s impeachment efforts, ‘Unchecked’, has revealed that it was Nancy Pelosi who saved Trump from impeachment immediately after his attack on Congress.

The book notes that Trump could have easily been impeached immediately after the attack on Congress, with the support of the requisite number of Republican senators for impeachment, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi resisted immediate impeachment.

According to the text of the book, the senior Democrat congressman had also drafted the impeachment draft on the same day, but it could not be done because of Nancy.

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