WHO prepares early warning system for people at risk of heat waves

With the cooperation of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the World Health Organization (WHO) plans to launch a alert system for groups of people who may be at greater risk of hot flashes.

“We are particularly concerned about people suffering from cardiovascular disease, diabetes or asthma and, of course, children, pregnant women and the elderly,” said the director of the WHO Department of Public Health and Environment, Maria Neiraat a press conference.

The Spanish WHO expert urged governments to develop local alert strategies and plans to ensure “the immediate detection of all people potentially at risk”.

They work to prevent the risk of people with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or asthma, children, pregnant women or the elderly

Neira also underlined the importance of “reducing our carbon footprint” to mitigate the phenomenon of climate change and thus reduce the frequency, intensity and duration of these hot flashes.

According to experts, heat waves are among the deadliest climate threats. It is estimated that last summer episodes of extreme temperatures caused 60,000 additional kills only in Europe.

In 2022, the excess mortality caused in our continent by successive heat waves was mainly registered in the countries of the continental south: Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal.

The temperature record for Europe was recorded on August 1, 2022 in Sicily (Italy): 48.8 degrees Celsius.

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