Home Sports Who is Yassine Cheuko, Messi’s bodyguard in Miami?

Who is Yassine Cheuko, Messi’s bodyguard in Miami?

Who is Yassine Cheuko, Messi's bodyguard in Miami?

The madness surrounding Leo Messi in the US is total. The Argentine ‘star’ has become the new idol of Inter Miami fans First story title from the Florida team. The euphoria for the player is immeasurable, a situation that has forced him Argentine should hire a personal bodyguard.

Yassine Cheuko He is responsible for ensuring Leo Messi’s safety at all times. He personal bodyguard of the Argentine, with military experience in Iraq or Afghanistan, practices boxing, Taekwondo and myself MMA (mixed martial arts) That makes it life insurance for the Argentine off the pitch… and on the pitch too.

The bodyguard is him always in the shadow of the player. The follow-up is completed by Yassine, who even walks over the sidelines during games in case someone spontaneously jumped onto the pitch. A mark fully to ensure the Argentine’s safety.

However, Yassine is just the tip of the iceberg of the security complex surrounding the Argentine’s family. The Messi family has more than 50 security guards to ensure welfare Antonella, Messi and their childrena choice you made to enjoy your adventure in the USA with maximum security.

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