PYONGYANG (Reuters) – North Korea’s state media has garnered public attention in a number of countries, with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un standing with soldiers but a man in a tight suit like a swimming suit. I am standing

The photo was taken Monday, according to the Associated Press, and was taken with Kim Jong Un during a weapons show, in which 30 soldiers stood with him.

All the soldiers wore special colored uniforms, only two of them were wearing different colors, one was wearing blue and the other was wearing navy blue uniform, while the North Korean leader was wearing black.

When the photo surfaced the next day, people were amazed, wondering what the “blue” rocket man was doing to North Korean soldiers.

As soon as the picture came to light, some called the soldier a ‘superhero’, some called him ‘Captain DPRK’ and some called him a ‘rocket man’.

Some Twitter users in South Korea, the United States and elsewhere mocked him, saying he looked like a “human cannonball.”

North Korean state media did not say anything about the man, but Jeffrey Lewis, an analyst at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, tweeted a photo saying “it looks like he was a para-shooter.”

Korea’s state news agency says a high-ranking parachuteist performed a stunt before the show began, waving the party’s flag.

Pictures of the first air show in North Korea also show para-shooters wearing tight blue clothes.



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