Who is the roadside sandwich seller in Egypt?

Ahmed Shahadah, who sells sandwiches on the roadside in Kleji, Egypt, is not an ordinary citizen, but a highly educated person who has a Ph.D.

According to Arab media, the life of 59-year-old Egyptian citizen Ahmed Shudah, who sells kleji sandwiches on the roadside in Egypt, is a beacon for young people who did not let work become a compulsion. He continued his education with work and completed his PhD in Environmental Sciences.

Ahmed Shudah who has been selling kelji and roast beef sandwiches on the street since 1985. He continued his education during this time.

Ahmed completed his graduation in social welfare followed by a Masters degree from Ain Shams University in 2011 but his passion for knowledge did not diminish and he completed his PhD in Environmental Sciences in 2015.

Ahmad Shahada has given the credit of his success to his wife and said that during his employment and education, his wife also supported him and she continued to lend her hand in every work, while he himself continued to study. The series continued.

He said that during his employment and education, he gave birth to four children, but during this time, all the work continued, me and my wife have obtained doctorate degree together.

Ahmad Shahda said that he used to start his work at dawn which continued till four in the afternoon after which he started his education.

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