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Who is the real owner of Shah Rukh Khan’s “Mannat”? Made so luxurious by buying cheap, see photos

 Who is the real owner of Shah Rukh Khan's

: Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan () is discussing his movie “Jawan” these days. Which will be released on September 7th. But in this report, we will introduce you to the splendor of his real life. Through his hard work, Shahrukh has made a name for himself in Hindi cinema. Because of this, today the actor is the owner of a life of luxury. Shah Rukh lives in Mannat, a 200 crore bungalow in Mumbai. Today we will show you the tour and tell you when King Khan bought this bungalow.

The year is 20001. When Shah Rukh Khan bought Villa Vienna from Bai Khorshed Bhanu Sanjana Trust. At the time, Shahrukh bought the bungalow for more than £13million. His name he first called “Jannat”. However, later the actor changed it to “Mannat”.

Very few people know that Keku Gandhi was the owner of Mannat before Shah Rukh Khan. At that time this bungalow was known as “Keki Manzil”. Where Gandhiji’s parents lived. This bungalow, which lasted for several generations, was eventually inherited by Nariman Dubash. Shah Rukh Khan bought it from him because the actor liked this bungalow. Because it was built on the sea shore.

We tell you that ‘Mannat’ is a listed 1920’s villa, refurbished with modern architecture and beautiful carvings. In this home of Shah Rukh Khan you will see a mix of vintage, modern and stylish interiors. This bungalow not only has luxurious bedrooms, but also a boxing ring, a tennis court and a large pool.

In this video of Shahrukh’s house you get a glimpse of the large study of the house. Aside from the books, the actor has kept all his accolades as well.

The bathroom in Shah Rukh Khan’s bungalow was also beautifully designed with black and white marble floors.

This beautiful King Khan home was beautifully designed by his wife Gauri Khan after four years of hard work. Gauri often shares pictures of his insides on his Instagram account. You may be surprised that the cost of this bungalow is currently around 200 crores.

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