Who is the granddaughter of Ramanand Sagar, who is also giving competition to Urfi Javed in the matter of clothing

Urfi Javed who dominated Bigg Boss OTT doesn’t need any identity today. Due to his impeccable statement and his unusual fashion sense, he remains in the headlines every day. Not a day goes by that Urfi’s quirky fashion doesn’t make headlines. Meanwhile, the granddaughter of film director Ramanand Sagar has come to compete with him.

After seeing Urfi Javed, he told himself that no one can compete with his unusual clothing choice. However, Sakshi Chopra, granddaughter of Ramanand Sagar, has shown this to be wrong. In fact, recently Sakshi Chopra has been seen in Mumbai. Seeing him, everyone just looked at him. Seeing Sakshi Chopra at a glance, everyone remembered Urfi Javed. Sakshi was seen with a very daring look wearing a skirt and bralette. This bold look of hers is reminiscent of Urfi Javed’s fashion.

There is a barrage of user feedback on the latest Sakshi images. Commenting on the photos of him, people write that ‘Urfi will have strong competition’. One user wrote: ‘New urfi has hit the market’. At the same time, there are some who, while favoring Urfi, have said that ‘Urfi wears better clothes than this’.

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