Who is the girl who shouts Takbir in front of extremist Hindus? The interview came out

Karnataka: Details have come to light about an Indian Muslim girl who was shocked by the slogans of Allah Akbar by a group of fanatical Hindus. He gave a blunt answer to the Hindus.

In an interview today in Mandia, Karnataka, India, wearing a saffron scarf, standing in front of a crowd of extremist Hindu fanatics and shouting takbeer, the hijab student smiled and said in an interview that she was facing Hindus alone. While she was doing this, she was not at all upset. I will continue to fight for my right to wear hijab.

The incident took place today at Pre-University College, Mandia, Karnataka. He confronted them with all his strength of faith and started shouting Takbir.

The obsessive Hindu Muslim went to the back door of the student, but the security personnel helped her and took her smile safely inside the college.

“I wasn’t upset at all. When I was entering college, they weren’t letting me in just because I was wearing a burqa,” Muskan told NDTV. They started chanting the slogan of J. Shri Ram, then I started chanting the slogan of Allah Akbar, the principal and lecturers supported me and protected me.

“I knew only 10% of the people who were college students, but the rest seemed outsiders,” said Miskan. Our priority is our education, why are they ruining our education.

India: Nahti girl’s Allah Akbar slogans shook the hearts of extremist Hindus (Video)

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It is to be noted that the protests of extremist Hindus wearing hijab on one side and saffron scarf on the other side are increasing in colleges across Karnataka. The protest started last month at Government Girls PU College, Udupi when 6 female students Revealed that he had been expelled from classes for insisting on hijab. The protest spread to more colleges in Udupi and other cities such as Mandia and Shivamuga, and college staff banned the hijab, although the rules allow it, after which extremist Hindus wore saffron scarves and chanted slogans. Trying to confront.

“It started only last week. Before that we used to wear burqa and hijab all the time. When I got inside the classroom we wore hijab but took off the burqa. Hijab as a Muslim girl is a part of us,” she said. The principal never told us anything, it was started by outsiders, after which the principal also advised us not to wear burqa, but we will continue to protest for hijab.

“After the incident, some of his Hindu friends have joined him. I feel safe. Everybody has been telling us since morning that we are with you,” he said.

It is to be noted that demonstrations have started on the issue of hijab and the government has announced closure of all schools and colleges for 3 days.


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