Not only in the country but in the world, the number of Salman Khan’s fans is in lakhs and crores. Some fans are desperate to see him while others are eagerly awaiting his movies. But there are some who go out of their way to look like Salman Khan. He dances, acts and builds a body like Salman. But perhaps this must have happened for the first time that Salman Khan’s doppelganger had to go to jail.

In fact, the Lucknow Police have arrested a person who manufactured different types of reels copying the actor Salman Khan. The person’s name is Azam Ansari and he is very famous for being similar to Salman Khan. Azam Ansari creates Instagram reels and performs over Salman’s songs and dialogues. In some videos you can also see reels being made in religious places.

The police allege that Azam Ansari used to make objectionable reels in public and religious places, after which he was arrested. Ansari was doing a reel in Ghantaghar on Sunday and a huge crowd gathered on the road to see Salman Khan’s duplicate, causing a traffic jam on the road. Later, due to complaints from some people, the police arrived at the scene and Azam Ansari was arrested.

We tell you that Azam has about 80 thousand followers on Instagram. Apart from this, he has 1.67 lakh followers on YouTube. Lucknow police have reported that Thakurganj police have also fined Azam for smoking in a public place. Thakurganj Police have registered a disorderly conduct case against the accused under section 151.

Watching Azam Ansari’s videos, it was found that Salman Khan’s humiliation speaks loudly about him. He appeared shirtless in most of the videos. They usually make their reels in the streets, in train stations, outside religious places. Although the fans like the video of him very much and they get thousands of likes and comments.


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