Who is Pankhwa Siam and Avanti, Exploring the Mystique Behind this Enigmatic Couple

Film Star Siam Ahmed Speaks Out Against Misuse of His Image

Bollywood Star Criticizes Use of His Image to Promote Community

Film star Siam Ahmed has expressed his discontent over the misuse of his image to promote a community. The image in question was taken three years ago while Siam was on a trip with his wife Avanti to a village in the United States.

Image Used on Signboards Without Consent

According to Siam, the image was used on several signboards without his or his wife’s consent. The image depicted Siam and Avanti dressed in traditional clothing, and they were identified as members of the Pankhwa community. Siam has expressed his embarrassment over the incident, stating that it is denigrating to the community.

Request for Authorities to Remove Image

Siam has humbly requested the concerned authorities to remove the image immediately. He believes that his image should not be used for personal gain or to promote a community without his consent.

Star Urges Sensitivity

In a statement, Siam urged people to be sensitive towards others and respect their boundaries. He believes that trolling and making memes are natural aspects of pop culture, but it is also essential to have a sense of what is respectful and what is not.

Upcoming Film Project

Siam is currently busy with his upcoming film project, "Jungli", which is directed by Shan fame director M Rahim. The film features Bubli and Dighi alongside Siam, and is expected to release next month.

Siam’s comments have sparked a debate on social media, with many people expressing their opinions on the issue. The incident highlights the importance of consent and respect for others’ personal space, even for public figures.

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