Who are these personalities who have obtained Saudi citizenship under the royal decree?

Riyadh: Under the decree of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, Saudi citizenship is being granted to people with special expertise in various fields.

According to Arab media reports, 27 more people received Saudi citizenship under the royal decree. Saudi authorities are granting citizenship to professionals with specialized skills in law, medicine, science, culture, sports and technical fields around the world, and 27 more have been made citizens of the kingdom.

Among those receiving Saudi citizenship are specialists in medicine and education. The report also gives a brief introduction of some personalities.

Mustafa Tsiritash

Mustafa Tsiritesh, a Saudi citizen who has been the chief mufti and head of the ulema of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is held in high esteem for his religious studies and Islamic thought.

حسین الدودی

He is a member of the Supreme Council of the Islamic World, and is currently the head of the Scandinavian Council.

محمد نمر السماک

Leading Arab intellectual and Secretary General of the Islamic-Christian Dialogue Committee Muhammad Nimar al-Samak is a member of the Rabita-e-Alam-e-Islami. He was granted Saudi citizenship and is the author of several books.

Abdullah Saleh Abdullah

You have a unique name as a historian in Iraq, he has a keen eye on the history of Saudi Arabia.

رضوان نایف السید

Rizwan Nayef Al-Sayed, a Saudi citizen, is also considered a scholar of Islamic thought. Apart from being a member of Rabita-e-Alam’s Supreme Council, he has also received the King Faisal International Award in Islamic Studies.

محمد الحسینی

Mohammed al-Husseini, secretary general of the Islamic Arab Council in Lebanon, is a leading figure in the Shiite sect, appearing in the media in the Islamic world and in European countries. Has been awarded citizenship.

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Emad Muhammad Taleja

Emad Mohammed Taleja, a British citizen, holds a degree in Management and Leadership from the British King’s Fund. He also holds an International Health Consultancy Certificate from the University of Liverpool. His dissertations have been published. He is also a member of the board.

Emad-ud-Din Najah Ezat Kanan

Head of the Neurology Department at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Saudi Arabia, you are considered one of the world’s leading surgeons. 155 of your research papers have been published.

خالد حمودی

Khalid Hamwi, a member of the American Board of Stomach and Kidney Diseases, holds an American Fellowship in Kidney Diseases. King Faisal is the director of the Bankries Transplant Program at Specialist Hospital.

Other important personalities including Muhammad Ghias Jamli, Waleed Khalid Rashid, Farooq Awiza, Mustafa Abdullah Saleh, Ansar Marah, Muhammad Abdul Aziz Mustafa Habib, Baker Yalbas are also among those who got Saudi citizenship.


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