Who are the Western forces and how is the United States divided in the “civil war”?

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“Civil War” is now in cinemas and here we explain the political and military panorama of the film.

Alex Garland is back with Civil Warhis latest feature film a group of journalists in the midst of an internal conflict in the United States and in which we see various military groups such as the Western forces and the loyalist states. HERE we leave you our review.

The department in which Garland is moving up Civil War can be confusing. Because? Because the story, considered a genre of speculative fiction, never explains the origin of the conflict; but mostly because It is not based on any fact of reality.

Image from “Civil War”
Image from “Civil War” / Photo: A24

The director’s only basis is the increasingly clear polarization of the United States, and how this enabled unprecedented acts like the attack on the Capitol in January 2021 Civil War We are seeing a scenario that is unprecedented because it is unknown.

So over here We explain to you what the political and military panorama looks like Civil Warwhich four sides are fighting in the conflict and what the possible reasons could be why war broke out in the United States.

Image from “Civil War”
Image from “Civil War” / Photo: A24

The fascist President of the United States during the Civil War

The President of the United States in Civil War It has no name. We only recognize him at the beginning and end of the volume. But we understand this from various conversations between the protagonists He has been in office for three terms and has made very questionable decisions.

For the beginning, disarmed the FBI, one of the largest and most important institutions in the country. The mission of the FBI, as they actually describe it, is “We protect American citizens and defend the Constitution of the United States“.

Trailer, plot and release date of
Nick Offerman as President of the United States in “Civil War”/Photo: A24

The president also refused to give up power, does not know the system of checks and balances of powerknown in English as Separation of powers.

This system, which has been part of the political mechanism since the United States was born as an independent nation, prevents tyranny by preventing any of the three branches of government from concentrating more power than the one he has. Basically the president is in Civil War has ceased to be “loyal” to the Constitution.

Map of the United States reflected in a glass in
Map of the United States reflected in a glass in “Civil War” / Photo: A24

The four groups in the civil war

The exact time the conflict began Civil War. But what is 19 states in the country have seceded “illegal”. And from here they are formed four armed forces with which the war develops.

The least important thing is that, so to speak New People’s Army, who we found somewhere in Washington DC. The second is this Florida Alliancewho are more closely linked to the struggle of the Western armed forces.

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The Loyalists are states that fight on behalf of the President of the United States. Almost the entire east coast, except Florida, are part of LS. South Carolina is the base of this group, which includes states like Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, ColoradoMissouri, Alaska and Hawaiiwho did not separate.

Jesse Plemons in “Civil War”
Jesse Plemons in “Civil War” / Photo: A24

Who are the Western forces?

The Western armed forces are the most prominent military group throughout the film. This is an alliance between Texas and California, two of the states with the greatest political power in the United States. This is one of the aspects that has caused the greatest confusion among audiences since then Texas is a red state (Republicans) while California is blue (Democrats).

In Civil War we see a flag with two stars instead of 50, refers to the unification of these states. Its military power is extensive and its emergence stems from this Contempt for the president’s actionswho is described as a fascist.

However. Alex Garland said that one of the readings by Civil War Is the association of citizens, regardless of their ideas or political positions for uniting against a greater evil, in this case the president in the White House. Reduce the conflict to a battle between left and right, it wouldn’t make sense for Garland since extremist groups are emerging on both sides. And that is the real problem with polarization.

The flag of the Western armed forces from “Civil War”
The flag of the Western armed forces from “Civil War” / Photo: A24

The protagonists of the civil war

The protagonists of Civil War Are a group of journalists who must cross the country to interview the presidentwho finds refuge in Washington DC. Given the diversity of groups, it poses a danger for them to cross over without maintaining a fixed political position.

Another theme Garland addresses in this film is the objectivity with which journalists carry out their work. Lee is a photojournalist and war correspondent who says that his only job is to take the photo, not to interpret it. Therefore, we never find out his political stance.

Trailer, plot and release date of
Kirsten Dunst and Wagner Moura in “Civil War”/Photo: A24

The same thing happens with Joe, a reporter Who accompanied Lee and who is he traveling with? Sammy, a journalist from the old school New York Times. He joins them Jessie, a young photographer Who wants to be like Lee? We don’t know their political stance for any of them, but for some of them we know which state they come from.

For example, Lee is from Colorado and Jessie is from Missouritwo states that are part of the Loyalist states. Joe, on the other hand, is from Floridathe part that is Florida Alliance.

The cast is led by Kirsten Dunst, Wagner Moura, Stephen McKinley Henderson and Cailee SpaenyWith the presence of Jesse Plemons and Nick Offerman, The latter as President of the United States.

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