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Who Are The Artists That Tyler the Creator Had Collaborations With?

Who Are The Artists That Tyler the Creator Had Collaborations With?
Source: Rich Fury/Getty Images

Tyler was always a creative child growing up in Ladera Heights, California. He has always been full of exciting ideas. And his current fans, who adore attending his concerts and are always rushing to purchase Tyler the creator tickets, know that he can even get very creative with music as well.

He made images, experimented with various instruments, and began recording as soon as possible.

Tyler dedicated most of his time and energy to music while working at Starbucks and attending school. His one-of-a-kind stage name derives from his original MySpace page, which has long since been supplanted by the new social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter.

At 16 years old, Tyler joined forces with a slew of other California rappers, producers, and personalities to form the now-legendary Odd Future group. After that, when he became famous, he continued his collaborations with famous artists that we will mention in the continuation.

Source: Rich Fury/Getty Images

Kanye West

He has emerged as one of the most significant personalities in international music during the last two decades. His professional career began in 1996, and he hasn’t stopped since then, releasing seven studio albums to date on the international music market.

Kanye West is a Grammy-nominated rapper, composer, and music writer who has produced some of the most memorable songs in music history.

In addition, he is incredibly well-known, amusing, and forceful. Whether you like him or dislike him, there is no doubt that he has had a significant impact on the music industry as well as the fashion sector, as he is also a designer. He collaborated with Tyler on songs such as Puppet, Come to life, and Okey, among many others.

Frank Ocean

Even though he is now known worldwide as Frank Ocean, he was not always known by that name. He was born Christopher Edwin Breaux, but he legally changed his name to Christopher

Francis Ocean in 2010

“Novacane” and “Swim Good,” both off the mixtape “NOSTALGIA, Ultra,” were Ocean’s first two singles released in the course of his career.

Believe it or not, Frank Ocean began his career as a songwriter by penning songs for artists such as John Legend, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, and Justin Bieber in his early days.

When talking about his collaboration with Tyler, the Creator, they had great success with the songs She, Golden Girl, Awkward.

Jay Z

Jay-Z is widely considered to be one of the most prominent rappers in music history. Even though he was never given anything for free during his career, the Brooklyn native has risen to become one of the best.

His life has been a long and winding road, beginning with a few missteps as a neighborhood delinquent and culminating in his current position as one of the most influential music business executives.

For his musical achievements, he has garnered 83 Grammy nominations, making him the most nominated musician in the history of the awards, of which he has received 23 nominations and won 23 prizes.

According to Forbes, his net worth is $475 million, which places him as the world’s second-richest rap artist after only Kanye West.

With Tyler, the Creator, he has collaborated on songs such as Biking and 4:44.

Pharrell Williams

All eyes have been on Pharrell Williams ever since he teamed with Tyler, the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, and Jasper Dolphin for the song Happy and with Daft Punk on Get Lucky, which became a worldwide smash after being released in 2012.

When Robin Thicke’s song Blurred Lines was released with Williams’ participation, it was also a success for Williams, even though it was a joint effort.

Because he’s an Aries, he’s constantly upbeat and enthusiastic. Check out his performances or a video clip of Happy on Youtube if you’d want to see that enthusiasm. His zodiac sign is known for its adventurous nature and its desire for new experiences, freedom, and fresh ideas.

The Weeknd

The only thing that matters more than an artist’s music is the stage name that they are known by. As opposed to some performers who are unwilling to venture outside of the box with their stage names, The Weeknd is really unique, and since the early 2010s, the singer has seen tremendous success in the music industry.

Born in Ethiopia in 1980, the singer’s parents relocated to the United States in 1980, and he grew up hearing a diverse range of musical genres, with Ethiopian music serving as one of his primary influences.

The Weeknd revealed that he draws inspiration from artists like Tilahun Gessesse, Aster Aweke, and Mahmoud Ahmed in an interview.

Many fans around the world adore the Weeknd’s songs, and even his collaboration with Tyler, the Creator on the song ‘’Here we go again’’, became very famous and, in just one month, gained many new fans!



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