White House slams ‘extreme’ abortion laws

The defense of the right to abortion, and its corollary, the virulent criticism of the Republicans in this area, play the leading roles in the Democratic Party’s campaign for this midterm election (the “Midterms”) in the United States. And this Friday, through a statement from its spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House blasted the “extreme” laws that come into force to ban abortion in Oklahoma, Idaho, Texas. and in Tennessee.

“These near-total bans on abortion are part of an ever-widening initiative by Republicans to suppress freedoms that Americans have enjoyed for nearly half a century,” said Karine Jean-Pierre. “Americans need to know that these and other basic rights, including the right to contraception and marriage for all, are under threat,” she insisted.

A now very conservative US Supreme Court

Referring more generally to the conservative offensive against the right to abortion, Joe Biden declared to him, during a meeting at the White House with local elected officials: “I think that the Americans realize that all of this crosses the line. , that is going too far. The American president repeated that a federal law had to be passed to restore the right to abortion throughout the territory, and assured that in November, during the mid-term elections, “the Americans will ensure that this arrived “. This means giving the Democrats a clear majority in Congress.

Idaho, Texas and Tennessee have joined the ten or so conservative states which have introduced so-called “dormant” laws (trigger laws), some of which prohibit any voluntary termination of pregnancy, including in cases of rape and of incest. Their entry into force is the direct consequence of a decision by the now very conservative US Supreme Court.

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The constitutional right to abortion blasted

The institution, shaped by former President Donald Trump, dynamited on June 24 the constitutional right to abortion which extended to all of the American territory. The law that comes into force in Oklahoma is not strictly speaking a “trigger law”. It aims to punish doctors or medical personnel who continue to perform abortions, with heavy fines and sentences of up to ten years in prison.

The White House also released a series of polls on Friday showing that the majority of Americans support the right to abortion and are concerned that it will be threatened, which has boosted voting intentions in favor of the Democrats.

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