Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Whisky, rum, tequila… Why the price of alcohol could soon increase

Are aperitifs likely to cost us more soon? The spirits sector has just sounded the alarm. In a press release, published this Wednesday, May 4, the members of the French Spirits Federation (FFS) demand that increases in production costs be taken into account during trade negotiations. “Our production costs have increased suddenly and spectacularly,” says the general manager of the FFS, Thomas Gauthier.

The latter explains: “This is why they could not be integrated during the commercial negotiations at the beginning of the year with our distribution partners. These increases must be taken into account in the discussions to come to preserve the balance. of a sector made up of 90% of VSEs and SMEs.”

All sectors affected

Packaging, logistics, energy, agricultural raw materials… all sectors are disorganized and are subject to an increase in prices. Even glass bottles would become “difficult to find” according to members of the FFS. Since last February, alcohol production costs have increased by 20 to 60% according to figures from the FFS. Its members also point out that the situation is likely to deteriorate in the next six months with the return of low temperatures, “insofar as the glass industry is highly dependent on natural gas”. “The increase, whether in gas or electricity, has also disrupted the French production of sugar and alcohol,” the FFS press release further indicates.


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