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While eating, suddenly a dead mouse appeared in front of him, then what happened?

Just imagine that you are eating in a restaurant and you are very hungry, but suddenly a dead rat falls from the ceiling in front of your plate.

Something similar happened in a restaurant in the city of Bengaluru, India, whose pictures are going viral on social media and customers are expressing their displeasure after seeing the pictures.


It all started when a female Twitter user shared some photos of a dead rat that fell on her dining table while she was enjoying her meal.

Soon after the photos surfaced, the management of the restaurant, IKEA India, issued an apology and said that the matter is under investigation. The administration promised that all precautionary measures are being taken so that such an incident does not happen again.

The management of the restaurant said in its Twitter message that we apologize to the affected woman, following food safety and hygiene rules is our top priority.

The tweet has received more than 76,000 views since the photos were shared. These pictures have been severely condemned by the users.

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