The Bitcoin Consultant has a new video ready for you. In these videos, John van Meer looks at the price of bitcoin (BTC). John also looks at a number of altcoins. You can read what those are below.

Bitcoin Consultant analysis LUNA, ETH and more

In today’s video, John takes a look at the prices of bitcoin, ethereum (ETH), terra (LUNA), and zilliqa (ZIL). How are these cryptocurrencies currently doing? You can see it in the new price analysis of De Bitcoin Consultant!

Vote for cryptocurrencies

Vote for the cryptocurrencies that John analyzes? Then become a member of Crypto Insiders Premium, and you can vote every edition. Need help? As an Insider, you can personally submit your question 7 days a week to analysts, Crypto Coaches and our fanatical community. come the you can get the first 30 days for free to attempt!

Learning about Bitcoin, blockchain and crypto

You can go to the Bitcoin Consultant for extremely educational courses about bitcoin, blockchain technology and how to invest in it. You will also find courses to learn how to trade in crypto as a professional trader. Want to meet John? Check out his free course! You can also read more about the Bitcoin Consultant on Crypto Insiders.


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