Which rider did Rossi share the podium with the most times?

The doctor Martin Raines and the journalist Nick harris have concentrated on a report for motogp.com endless historical data from Valentino rossi that can hardly be equaled or surpassed over the years. Here is the unrivaled list of milestones of the Michael Jordan of motorcycles.

There are many striking data in this list, and one that draws powerfully attention is that Jorge Lorenzo was the pilot who shared the podium with El Doctor the most times, something that he did not even know when AS told him about it.

“I did not know, there are many podiums together from 2008 to 2018. It is strange, because in reality I have fought with him until the last lap only three or four times, those of Montmeló and Sachsenring in 2009 and that of Motegi in 2010. I only agreement of those “, assured in the paddock of Ricardo Tormo to this newspaper. Regarding the Italian’s farewell, he said: “He deserved to have the best farewell a MotoGP rider has ever had, because out of charisma, due to media pull and due to honors, he deserved such a farewell. Dorna behaved very well with the details that he has had. with him this weekend and it was very emotional to see that all the drivers stopped to wait for him on the lap of honor. ” And a curiosity: “He has invited me to the championship race that he does at his ranch and I have to decide if I go, because on that date I had planned to be in Punta Cana, but I am very excited to run with him there.”

Here is the list of records and milestones of the nine-time world champion:

-Rossi and Phil Read are the only riders who have won world titles in the 125cc, 250cc and 500cc categories (Note: Márquez has won titles in 125cc, Moto2 and MotoGP).

-Valentino Rossi is the only rider who has won world championships in four categories: 125cc, 250cc, 500cc and MotoGP.

-Rossi and Giacomo Agostini are the only two riders who have won titles in the premier class with both 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorcycles.

-His 2004 South African GP victory made him the first rider to achieve consecutive victories in the premier class with motorcycles of different brands.

-Has the record for consecutive podiums in the premier class, with 23, between the 2002 Portuguese GP and the 2004 South African GP.

-Rossi was honored to win the 500th victory for Honda when he won the 2001 500cc Japanese GP.

-He is the only rider to have won the premier class title with four different types of motorcycles: Honda 500cc 2-stroke, Honda 990cc 4-stroke, Yamaha 990cc 4-stroke and Yamaha 800cc 4-stroke.

-Rossi has won GP races with seven different bikes: Aprilia 125cc, Aprilia 250cc, Honda 500cc, Honda 990cc, Yamaha 990cc, Yamaha 800cc and Yamaha 1.000cc.

-His eleven victories in 2005 are the highest number of premier class victories in a single season for a Yamaha rider.

-He is the only rider who has won five or more consecutive races in the premier class with a Yamaha.

-He is the only rider in history who has won five or more consecutive races with two different motorcycle brands (Yamaha and Honda).

-He is the most successful Yamaha rider of all time, with 56 victories on his bikes.

-His 89 victories in the premier class far exceed those of any other rider in the history of the World Championship (second on the list is Giacomo Agostini with 68 victories in the premier class).

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-He has won 115 GP races in the three categories. Only Giacomo Agostini, with 122 victories, has climbed to the top of the podium more times in the World Cup.

-Valentino Rossi’s third place in Jerez in 2020 was his 1999 podium in the premier class, more than any other rider (second on the list is Jorge Lorenzo with 114).

-He has been on the podium 235 times in all categories, more than any other rider in the history of the World Championship (second on the list is Giacomo Agostini with 159 podiums).

-The Valencia GP was Rossi’s 432. This means that he has participated in 44.4% of all the GGPP that have been contested since the World Championship began in 1949. (The second rider with the most starts is Andrea Dovizioso, with 332).

-Rossi has 372 starts in the premier class, which is equivalent to more than any other driver (second on the list is Alex Barros, with 245 starts).

-Rossi has the longest winning race in the premier class of the World Championship, with his last victory signed at the 2017 Assen TT, 16 years and 351 days after his first 500cc victory at Donington in 2000 (the driver with the second longest winning race in the premier class is Alex Barros: 11 years and 204 days).

-Rossi is also the driver with the longest race of victories in all categories: 20 years and 311 days between his first victory in the 125cc class at Brno in 1997 and his last victory at Assen in 2017 (the second in this regard It is held by Loris Capirossi: 17 years and 49 days).

-Throughout his career, Rossi has competed in 38 different GP circuits.

-Of those 38 circuits, he has achieved at least one World Cup victory in 29 of them. No other rider in the history of the Motorcycle World Championship has won on as many different circuits as Rossi.

-The circuits in which Rossi has achieved the most World Cup victories are Montmeló and Assen, where he has won ten times in each of them.

-In the premier class, Rossi has competed in 29 different circuits.

-He has won the premier class in 23 of those 29 circuits.

-The circuit in which Rossi has achieved the most victories in the premier class is Assen, with eight.

-The circuit in which Rossi has accumulated the most appearances in GGPP is Jerez, where he has made 27 starts between the three categories, including 23 in the premier class.

-Rossi has shared the podium with 55 different riders. The rider with whom he has been on the podium the most times is Lorenzo, 53 times.

-In the premier class, Rossi has shared the podium with 38 different riders.

-The last time Rossi shared the podium with a rider older than him was at the 2008 Czech Republic GP, that rider being Loris Capirossi.

-With Valencia as Rossi’s last GP, it is very likely that it will be the last time that a pilot born in the 70s will start a GP.

-There are three riders with whom Rossi has shared a podium in the premier class without climbing to the highest step: Alex Rins, Fabio Quartararo and Stefan Bradl.

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