Which NBA conference has won the most rings: East or West?

The participants of the nba finals in the 2022/2023 season. Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets They will star in a new tie to see which franchise lifts the American League championship. This dispute is related to the two NBA conferences, This and West. In the 76 years of history of the League, the titles have been divided between the two. He This is the one who has the most, with 40while the West has conquered 36.

the victory of Golden State Warriors last season closes the gap between both conferences. The tie duel will decide in which box one more title will go up. Miami has won three titles (2006, 2012 and 2013), while the Nuggets they haven’t won yet a ring. lakers and Celtics are the ones that have won the most championships, with 17 each. Between them they add up to more than half (3. 4) of the championships that have been held since the creation of the American competition.

The team that most championships has won consecutively are the Celtics, with eight (1959-1966), with Bill Russell to the head. The franchise that has been in more Finals have been the Lakers, with 32. This brings together his stage both his stage in minneapolis like in Los Angeles. The last ring for the Los Angeles team was achieved in 2020, against the Miami Heat.

The greatest period of domination of the West was between 1999 and 2003, with a championship of san antonio spurs and three consecutive rings of the Los Angeles Lakers. One of the keys to the difference in the scoreboard was the end of the 80with the Detroit two rings (1989–1990) and the decade of the 90. The Chicago Bullsled by Michael Jordanthey got six championships (1991-1993; 1996-1998) in eight years, tipping the scales for the Atlantic conference. Up to 19 different franchises have won this title, being Toronto the last to do it (2019) without a previous championship.

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