Which European countries are most dependent on Russian gas?

In the event of a conflict between Russia and Ukraine, US President Joe Biden has promised to “end” the controversial – and not yet in service – Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2, built to supply Germany. However, such a measure could lead the Kremlin to close the Russian gas tap to other European countries. Problem: Moscow supplies more than 45% of the natural gas used in the EU!

Very varied import rates from one country to another

Among the main European economies, Germany imports around half of its gas from Russia, while France only got 24% of its gas from Russia in 2020 (Norway is Russia’s leading supplier). France, with 35% of gas volumes). Italy is also among the countries most exposed to an energy crisis, with a 46% dependence on Russian gas.

But the biggest losers could end up being North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Moldova, which depend exclusively on Russian gas, and Finland and Latvia, which import more than 90% of their national consumption. European countries are therefore variously “threatened”, as shown in the ranking below.

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