Which country does Russia want to occupy? Ukrainian president’s new revelation

Kyiv: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s new claim has come to light, in which he said that Russia wants to occupy Sweden.

According to details, the Ukrainian president has made a new claim that Russia wants to occupy Sweden, President Zelensky said that Russia’s neighbors are now in danger.

He said in a virtual address to the Swedish parliament that Russia would destroy independence in Europe and would now pursue its neighbors.

In his speech, the Ukrainian president warned Swedish parliamentarians that if Ukraine could not resist the attack and protect itself, it would mean that all its neighbors were in danger.

Zelensky said Russia started the war against Ukraine because it wanted to advance in Europe, it wanted to destroy independence in Europe.

President Zelensky said the Ukraine attack was a major challenge to European security and defense mechanisms, urging Europe to impose tougher sanctions on Russia, and warned Sweden that Russia’s eyes were now on its Baltic island nation. Are on land

Ukrainian president says Russian analysts are debating on TV how Russia will occupy Gotland and how it will occupy it for decades.

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