Washington: The American city of New York is at the top of all the cities in the world where the highest number of wealthy people reside.

of the British company Henley and Partners Compiled data According to the current millionaires or the richest people live in the American city of New York, whose number is 345 thousand 600.

Here, millionaires refer to people who have at least one million dollars worth of wealth or property.


The Japanese city of Tokyo is on the second place in the list where 34900 million people live, the American city of San Francisco is on the third place on the list where the number of 276 thousand 400 million people live.

The British city of London is fourth in this list and is currently home to 272,400,000 or more millionaires.

Singapore has been placed at the fifth position in this list where the number of millionaires living is 249 thousand 800.


In this list, American cities Los Angeles is sixth, Chicago seventh and Houston eighth, while Chinese cities Beijing and Shanghai are ninth and tenth in this list.

The report revealed that in the first 6 months of 2022, the number of millionaires living in 7 out of 10 cities has decreased compared to previous years.

Only New York City has recorded a 12 percent decrease compared to the previous year, while Tokyo has recorded a decrease of 8 percent.


Apart from this, five of the cities in the world where the number of millionaires are increasing rapidly are from the Middle East.