Which bowler was the most difficult to hit in his career? David Warner answered clearly

David Warner surprised everyone by suddenly bidding farewell to ODI cricket. Earlier, the Australian batsman announced his retirement from Test cricket. Warner is playing the last Test series of his career against Pakistan. But before that, he decided to retire from ODI cricket. Amid all this, Warner shared which bowler he found the most difficult to play in his career.

Fans are often curious about which bowler has troubled their favorite batsman the most. Speaking to Cricket.com.au, Warner said he considers South African Dale Steyn to be the most difficult bowler of his career. Warner simply took Dale Steyn’s name without thinking.

Warner said: “Without a doubt Dale Steyn.” Warner also explained why he thought Steyn was a difficult bowler. The Australian batsman said that I was returning to the WACA (the first game of the 2016-17 home Test series against South Africa) when me and Shaun Marsh had a bad 45-minute session. Shawn came to me and said that I couldn’t pull him so I didn’t know how I would face him.

He added: “He sent me to the back and I think he broke his shoulder in that match too. He is a strong competitor, swinging the ball inside for the left-hander, similar to Mitchell Starc. A strong ride-hander swings the ball inside at pace for the hitter. We tell you that David Warner is not the only batsman worried by Dale Steyn. Steyn has made many great batsmen of the world dance to his balls.

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