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Whether Meliá, Barceló or NH, the big hoteliers describe the summer as “positive”

The big hoteliers like Meliá, Barceló or NH assure that the results of the summer season are positive and exceed or at least reach those of last year, which had a very high tourist demand due to the “champagne effect”, initially without travel restrictions since the pandemic.

Meliá Hotels International has informed EFE that in its tourist resorts in Spain – the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and the coasts of the peninsulas – the positive trend and the forecasts announced in the presentation of the results for the first half of the year last July indicate this indicated good development of reserves in the third trimester.

These forecasts are coming true as the reserves are not only around 30% higher in monetary terms than the same period of 2019, as the company announced at the time, but even significantly exceed the reserves registered for the third quarter of the year.

The trends shown are also confirmed with regard to the recovery of the “mix” of the emission markets, especially the British and American ones.

In addition to the rebound in pre-sales, the Mallorcan hotel group is seeing “very positive behavior” in terms of last-minute sales, again particularly from the UK.


On the other hand, the nationality with the largest increase and rate contribution is American, which has a particularly positive impact on their “luxury” hotels in the Balearic Islands and the new Zel Mallorca.

In general, the increased demand for luxury hotels and superior rooms has also been confirmed, the company added.

And this demand from hotel chains, as well as the increase in average prices, especially in this segment, contribute to the three areas mentioned above “improving the results of previous years, with an occupancy rate that continues to improve but is still sustained”. “Improvement,” says Meliá.

In this sense, the Barceló Hotel Group EFE informed that its results for the summer season are positive thanks to the pre-sales achieved by the company both on the domestic market and in the main international issuing countries, in particular the United Kingdom. .


Without closing the month of August, the group’s turnover is 25% higher than last year, which underlines “the very good behavior” of its hotels in the Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Levant and northern Spain, where it has reached 90% profession.

Barceló has explained in detail that although there was a certain slowdown in sales at the beginning of the season, especially on the national market, there was finally a reactivation of demand at the last minute, not only because of the high temperatures, but also because of of people I really wanted to go on vacation.

Regarding tariffs, the hotel company recalled that it had increased prices “moderately” compared to 2022, not only due to increased inflation and energy costs, but also “due to the significant investments it has made in the last two years has”. years repositioning several hotels in Spain.”

NH Hotel Group has also informed EFE that the behavior of the various tourist destinations in Spain (mainly on the coast) this summer “continues to be positive” for hotel companies.


Although July’s year-over-year results are better than August, both months saw double-digit growth of 19% compared to pre-pandemic 2019, he noted.

According to NH, the month of July was a popular month for international business and leisure events in cities like Madrid (Gay Pride and MadCool) and Barcelona (World Parkinson’s Congress and Harry Styles concert). among others in San Sebastián (Tour de France and Donosti Cup), Pamplona (Sanfermines) or Vitoria.

“This has allowed us to finish comfortably above the previous year, both in terms of occupancy and price, thanks to the strong performance of destinations such as Barcelona, ​​​​​​Malaga, Valencia, San Sebastián, A Coruña or Alicante,” explained NH.


For August, the data also points to double-digit growth compared to 2019, but compared to last year, destinations such as Barcelona or Santiago de Compostela are “missing” events from this month of 2022.

Nevertheless, the company “highlights the good progress made by other areas (Cantabrian Coast, Coruña, Andalusia, Valencia or even Madrid) cushioning this decline and managing to reach the results at the end of 2022”.

As for the output markets, the national market represents practically 55% of the nights that the chain sells, a percentage but lower than that of 2019 or 2022, so it gives weight to other countries such as the United States. reaching a 10% share, followed by the UK, France and Mexico, all growing at double-digit rates.

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